April 09, 2008

Mind Control - or - just words

Silva Mind Control Method

As with many things I've found, I believe I came across Silva Mind Control Method while searching for something else. Following the Silva Mind Control Method link, I found myself reading the information, testimonials and history of Jose Silva. The more one reads the more interested one becomes to learn more.

I have been listening to the CD's and working the exercise for the past couple of weeks and admittedly I've had what might be described as a hard time 'feeling' or being able to recognize whether I've reached my centre or being in 'Alpha'. I do tend to be a 'tad' overly analytical, which probably has everything to do with it.

In order to help I recently I purchased a book Jose Silva wrote 1977 (with Philip Miele) - 'The Silva Mind Control Method' that outlines the revolutionary program by Jose Silva. In the book there are exercises to complete (after one has read through the book & they are NOT hard to do) all of which is based on the original 4 day course pioneered by Jose Silva.

The 4 day course is my goal at this time and unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a course being held in Southern Ont., any time soon. But, through a forum set up by Silva Mind Control graduates I have received notice of an upcoming training to be held in Addison TX, USA. What follows is part of that email.

Over 1 Million people have used Jose Silva's mind training techniques to help them build a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

  • "Anything with the name of Jose Silva as the author has my vote before I open to page one." ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of Your Erroneous Zones, Manifest Your Destiny, Real Magic and the current best-seller, The Power of Intention.

The Jose Silva UltraMind System is
· A method of dynamic meditation
· To help you find your purpose in life
· And powerfully move you towards this greater goal.
Jose Silva's Credentials:
  • 50 Years of Research & Development.
  • Over one Million Graduates Worldwide.
  • 10 Million Books Sold.
When you attend a Silva seminar you are attending the most advanced human empowerment program available. Jose Silva conducted years of research and invested close to $500,000 (or $2 million in today's dollar value) to learn what made some people happier and more successful than others. He then developed the Silva method and technique to help people take advantage of his findings. You will learn a series of specific self management techniques to help you overcome any impediment to your happiness and help you achieve you life's missions. The Silva UltraMind System is the latest of Jose Silva's work. Silva has always been ahead of his time. He was training people in meditation, self-hypnosis and creative visualization before these terms were embedded in public consciousness. Since the 1960s - Jose Silva has been developing and perfecting his mind training system.

The Silva UltraMind System trains you to use your mind to such a powerful extent that within two days you are able to demonstrate ESP and influence healing in others. We also teach you how to identify your mission in life and to use the power of your creative mind, to propel you toward this goal.

In short, we train you to do things you never thought possible.

Here's what you will learn.....in just 2 days

#1 Learn to Meditate Like a Monk

First, we train you to reach your Alpha Level of Mind. This is a deep level of consciousness that people achieve during meditation. The Alpha level is associated with intuition and ESP. We train you to achieve this deep level of mind, at will, in less than 1 minute. Accomplishing this alone is a valuable feat - you are probably aware of the many benefits associated with meditation.

In just the first day of training, you will be able to meditate and relax your mind and body within 1 minute. Stress, headaches, tensions, anger and insomnia will truly be a thing of the past.

#2 Develop Your Powers of Healing and ESP

Once you learn to meditate we teach you to tap into your ESP. You will experience undeniable evidence of your own ESP by Day 2. This is an incredibly powerful and emotional moment for many of our graduates. You will be given names and locations of random people unknown to you and you will receive information on them and their state of health through intuition. You will then be trained to use distant healing to help these people accelerate their rate of recovery. (Distant healing has been proven to be scientific fact in the last decade).

You will learn to use this ability to make important decisions in life. Are you in the right job? Are you with the right person? Should you make a career move?

Imagine having intuition that can always help you make the right decision and point you towards your mission in life. Imagine having intuition that knows what lies ahead, and has the ability to lead you to success, happiness and fulfillment.

#3 Use Your Mind to Create Positive Coincidences
Once you learn your mission in life and get on the right path we will teach you powerful visualization techniques to solve any kind of problem you may face in life that keeps you from this mission.
· Graduates have reported being able to accelerate healing and amaze their doctors.
· Salesmen have reported dramatic increase in their commissions.
· Others have reported meeting their soul-mates or being able to strengthen troubled
· Many more have reported being able to achieve dreams and goals with surprising ease. (Many
of these stories are detailed in our testimonials section).
When you are on the right path, you can create coincidences to push you towards the solution and break down barriers. You can become a super-achiever. This applies to any goal - better health, better relationships, increase in wealth and greater creativity.

Learn The Two Most Powerful Silva Techniques...
1. The Three Scenes Technique: Program your mind to push you towards a goal. This technique does not just serve to create self-motivation internally - it will actually create external coincidences, things otherwise considered beyond your control, to help you achieve your goal. Luck - you find is something you control.

The Mental Video Technique: Nothing you've read comes close to this amazing technique. Program your mind to tap into higher consciousness while you sleep to bring you answers to complex problems and provide you with guidance in life. You see this guidance as dreams, ideas that pop into your head or physical coincidences in the form of meaningful signs. Use this powerful technique to make the RIGHT decisions, 70%, and 80% even 95% of the time.

Silva UltraMind teaches you to tap into your intuition to understand what your purpose in life is. You then learn how to use your mind to create all manner of coincidences to propel you towards this goal or purpose.

So What Makes Silva UltraMind a So Unique? A Quick Summary *Important Read*

There are Three Things about Silva UltraMind that makes it decades ahead of other programs available.

First - Learning to Function in the Alpha Level
The Alpha Level is the level of mind you attain when you are in meditation or light sleep. Affirmations, Visualization, Healing, NLP, Intuition, Clairvoyance, and Healing - ALL work hundreds, if not thousands of time better at this level. This is the level where you can harness your subconscious mind - while remaining wide awake. You do not need expensive electronics aids, audios or special rooms to reach the Alpha level. Silva UltraMind teaches you to go into this level at will.
Yes, you can reach alpha on a crowded bus, during a business meeting or in the middle of your work day. You can use these 'alpha moments' to tap into you intuition, to practice visualization, to give yourself a boost of energy or to 'de-stress'. Learn to reach Alpha anytime, naturally within 1 minute.

Second - Discover Your Purpose in Life
Have you ever felt like there was something more you should be doing with your life? Maybe you felt that there is a hidden talent just ready to burst into success. Or a special mission, a soul purpose, you are ready to achieve?

Wouldn't it be nice to have guidance from higher intelligence as to how to achieve all this?
Many self-improvement programs tell you that by tapping into your mind you can have "anything you desire". I'm afraid this is not true. Silva's research has shown that you can have anything you want - IF and ONLY IF - it is part of your soul's plan for you. UltraMind teaches you to tap into you intuitive mind to make the right decisions and to point yourself in the right direction. We help you find your Life Purpose.

If you are aiming towards the wrong goal, then you may face roadblocks in life. These roadblocks could be a lousy job, bad health, a troubled relationship.... Think about Your Life right now - do you see roadblocks? Silva UltraMind teaches you to tap into your intuition to understand what your purpose in life is - and to blast through these roadblocks. With Silva UltraMind you can live a life aligned with your True Purpose and make the rights decisions in all aspects of your life.

Third - Moving Towards this Purpose and Achieving Your Goals
Once you have learned to function at the Alpha Level and to tap into your intuition to identify what you should be doing - rather than what you think you should do - you are now ready to use the Silva Three-Scenes-Technique. When you are clear on what your Purpose is - that is, what you can be doing to benefit humanity and to fulfill your reason for being - you will find that, almost as if by magic, coincidences happen to push you towards your purpose.

The Three-Scenes-Technique is a tool we teach to help you manifest "coincidences" to move you towards this purpose. With Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System, you have all the tools you need to obtain guidance and help from higher intelligence to prepare yourself to succeed in your life's mission.

  • "The greatest discovery of the 19th century was not in the realm of the physical sciences, but the power of the subconscious mind touched by faith. Any individual can tap into an eternal reservoir of power that will enable them to overcome any problem that may arise. All weaknesses can be overcome, bodily healing, financial independence, spiritual awakening, and prosperity beyond your wildest dreams. This is the superstructure of happiness." ~ William James, Harvard Psychologist, the Father of American Psychology.

The Best Way to learn Silva UltraMind. Go through a Life Transforming 2-day Seminar.

Find a seminar near you here: http://www.silvalifesystem.com/seminars

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