April 08, 2008

Fresh & compelling hypnosis resource

Be sure to take the test to learn your hypnosis level

I stumbled upon this resource just in the last couple of days, and the truth be told even now I can't remember how I found it.

Wendi is a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and provides a multitude of resources through her website. I took HypnoQuiz, to determine if was a good candidate for hypnosis. Turns I am, which comes as no surprise as I've been 'dabbling' in hypnosis for years. Between the questions Wendi guides you in some creative and very relaxing visualizations.

If you simply want to discover a way to relax - i mean completely relax - go to Wendi Friesen's website and take the HypnoQuiz. You will have an enjoyable experience, learn how to really relax and quite possibly find a resource to help you in your life.

So check out Wendi's site and enjoy!

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