June 01, 2008

DashBoard - Thirty Day Challenge

Thirty Day Challenge

" The Thirty Day Challenge is about making your first $10 online." For 30 days, Ed and Dan are going to show you how - 'exactly' - to begin earning and start your online business. This will be done without it costing you. The training program is free, so leave your credit card in your wallet.

This is the third year for this challenge, so its not a new. Officially it starts on August 1st, (pre - season begins today, June 1st) but you can get started right now picking up from last years challenge. Once you've signed up you will begin receiving some email with lessons to work through that will get you working towards earning from your online business.

You won't be alone, there is about 50 people going through the process with you. You will also have access to the active forum and blog for support.

To get started, visit this link fill in your name and email. I will look for you on the inside and hope to team up with you as we both begin working towards our goal.

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